Since I’ve started blogging I’ve started using triple a number of applications than I usually would! its all about exploring new ones and finding ways to make your content appealing. below I’ve complied a list of the apps which make my life a thousand times easier…… Crowd Fire (free) iPad, iPhone An app which allows … More GOT TO GET APPS


A random person once told me “It is the responsibility of the old to teach and the privilege of the young to learn.” Today was just fantastic: for months I’ve been bothering my grandad to teach me welding. We never got around to it. But today I pulled up my socks, did my research and … More DIY: ARC WELDING


Yes, you might think this is my 3rd post on my first ever blog what do I know of writer’s block? But shortly after choosing a theme for my first series of post I’ve already found myself clawing at my brain, searching for places uncharted by the keyboard. After trying everything google and WebMD had to offer … More WRITER’S BLOCK


To anyone who has started a blog knows that it takes a lot of preparation and the learning of skills only an IT guy should ever know. There are so many pages (8 910 000 to be exact) which explain to you step by step how to write an interesting post. And so I decided … More SUCCESSFUL WRITING


Hey, so the karoo lifestyle blog is only a few days away from launching! This blog is uncategorized, but here are some of the future posts you can expect: To blog or not to blog? Successful Writing. The Renovation Studio. The Cure to Writer’s Block. A Little Help Goes a Long Way.