To blog or not to blog

This is the ONE great question all admirable writers, photographers or people with too much time ask themselves at one point or another. Coincidentally I am one of those people and so here I am; listening to ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse desperately trying to figure out a way to write a killer introduction which would captivate you and allow me to keep on blogging. After hours of writing and rewriting with endless cups of coffee (black with honey) this is the result:


The Karoo Life!

The end.


Yes, that is what hours of writing got me! It is truly hard to write an introduction piece which will define how my blog is to be run for the rest of its existence when the truth is I don’t know! I started KAROO for me and I started KAROO for everyone out there. How can we be defined? Every day we grow and change and so our needs grow and change. The KAROO blog can thus only be categorized as uncategorized. On this site, you will see pieces like: “How to start a blog”, “Refurbishing antiques”, “How to improve your business” or “Mastering male fashion”. Each post will contain whichever project I’m undertaking or endeavor I’m on and will hopefully give you some quality information which will improve your life and help you to escape from reality just a little longer. I believe that is it… Ultimately the answer is “to blog” above latter and me talking about how my blog can not be defined has ultimately defined it. I truly hope you will enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy putting them together. I’ve dedicated my first series of posts to blogging, so this is part 1 of 4 which will cover everything I’ve come to know on how to run a blog. if you have any questions or special requests please feel free to contact me


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