To anyone who has started a blog knows that it takes a lot of preparation and the learning of skills only an IT guy should ever know. There are so many pages (8 910 000 to be exact) which explain to you step by step how to write an interesting post. And so I decided to compile this list for any other new bloggers or well-established ones who need a bit of help.

First impressions

To write a successful post captivate your readers from the first sentence. Start with a joke, a metaphor or a quote which relates to your content. A very useful tip which I usually use is to think of my material as if it were a speech. Most people dread public speeches, but to me, there is little as powerful as opening a speech with a bang and then enjoying the advantage of everyone’s attention and expectation to what. comes. next.

Keep it short

Nothing is worse than reading a post which stretches the length of eternity and then some. in 2017 nobody has time to read for hours, so stick to your topic, write only the necessary and make it fun.

True connections

As a writer, you have the power to captivate people and draw them into a different world where reality is long forgotten- do not forget this power. To write a story which is captivating- it has to be unique and personal! as. Describing smells, sounds, and sights around you or talking about a personal experience are ways to make an instant connection to your reader.

Know yourself.

By this I mean know what type of person you are. Are you going to write pieces which are humorous, informative, sarcastic judgmental, etcetera? The faster you figure which are your strong points the better your posts will become and learning to master different styles will only enrich and bring a welcomed change in your writing.


one of the best ways to enrich your vocab vault is to read! (obviously) By seeing how writers with more experience than you play with words is the fastest way to become a better writer.

stick to who you are- let your personality manifest in your writing and in no time you will be writing your version of Ulysses.



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