Yes, you might think this is my 3rd post on my first ever blog what do I know of writer’s block? But shortly after choosing a theme for my first series of post I’ve already found myself clawing at my brain, searching for places uncharted by the keyboard. After trying everything google and WebMD had to offer I finally found effective steps to defeat this undefeatable demon. For any person writing a book, blog or grocery list: if you ever find yourself stuck try these remedies!

Mind set

One of the biggest mistakes any person can make in any aspect of life is developing a negative attitude! negativity only leads to more negativity and could delay your writing for unknown periods of time. Believe in yourself and your skills and in no time the words will come flowing from your mind.

Stop trying so hard.

Once I hit the wall and my previously bountiful well of words had dried up- the worst thing I could do was pushing myself to carry on. I had to delete pages and pages of writing simply because it was drab and uninspired. If you find yourself at this point:


Step away from the computer!

Remember that you are only human and once you’ve regained your inspiration everything will be better than before.

Rejuvenating your inspiration

  • Once I’ve stopped trying so hard and channeled my mind into a positive direction the only things left to do was the things I love:
  • Going to the gym (exercising all the negativity from my body….. yes that sound very “tree hugging” but it does work)
  • Spending time cooking and talking to the people I love.
  • Being all alone and watching an incredible movie ( pulp fiction) or listening to a ground breaking an album (lemonade).
  • Reading a book.
  • Trying to do yoga.

(Praying all these activities would help and that someday I would be able to continue writing).

For each person relaxing or regaining your spirit has another definition, but once you did all you can the only thing left to do (and the hardest thing to do) is just WAIT! for most people this seems like an impossible task but if you are positive relaxed and rejuvenated there will come a point in time where your entire universe lines up and every force in the world pushes you towards your keyboard and you will find yourself unable to stop. after you’ve reached this point not only will have written a truly authentic and inspired piece of work but you will have also learned to overcome the dreadful horror and sad reality which every writer fears: WRITERS BLOCK!!!


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