Since I’ve started blogging I’ve started using triple a number of applications than I usually would! its all about exploring new ones and finding ways to make your content appealing. below I’ve complied a list of the apps which make my life a thousand times easier……

Crowd Fire


iPad, iPhone

An app which allows you to have more control over your Instagram page. Some of its features include viewing which people don’t follow you in return and visa verse. It also lists the people who are most dedicated to your page and has an option which allows you to plan your posts ahead of time. this app is quite useful to anyone using Instagram.



iPad, iPhone

This is a good photo editor to have on your phone. (whenever I search for editors I check whether you can adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, etc) this app has all those functions and although it could work on providing more filters- it still gets the job done. Other quite useful functions include blurring, blemishing, whitening and focus points. It’s a convenient application and can push your photos past the norm.



iPad, iPhone

Makr is quite a fun application which could keep you busy for hours. It provides templates, texts and other very interesting features which will help you create everything from wedding invitations to business cards or logos. This app if perfect for anyone out there who is crazy about labeling, designing or simply having fun.



iPad, iPhone

Although the instagram snap story gives you this function automatically, it’s still a fun application to use. It brightens up any page (whether blog or insta) and makes your content richer.



iPad, iPhone

This is truly my favorite application to use: you simply upload your favorite photos, choose a song from the catalog or from your music library and then the magic happens…. the app picks up the rhythm of the song and then synchronizes your photos to create an astonishing video. Naturally, there are different themed formats and even goes as far as providing the different lengths the video has to be for specific media platforms (e.g.. instagram)



iMac, iPad, iPhone

Although this is a very well known app, I thought to mention it because it really is one of the driving forces behind my creativity. You can literally type in any one of your many crazy ideas and you would literally find thousands of ways to complete them (step by step). This site always contains amazing content and should be in everyone’s tool case.

Apologies for only listen to the apple devices on which the apps are available! unfortunately, i only use iOS and could so not determine whether or not they exist on android or other.

I hope these apps make your life easier and your social media captivating!


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